Attention Getting Devices

The first thing you want to do is to capture the reader's attention. You also want to set your essay above the norm with a moving, gripping opening. You can't do this by just regurgitating the thesis. So, what is an Attention Getting Device (AGD)?

It can be anything (keep it PG-13 for class work) which grabs the reader's attention, sympathy, emotions, or logic which can then be used to set up the rest of the essay. The key is to make the writing vivid and detailed. Put the reader inside your head. The following examples are very brief illustrations of what you can do with an AGD. You own AGDs should be much more developed than these examples.

What can be an AGD???:

You get the idea. But the key is to be vivid and creative. It is a good thing to make the reader laugh, cry, or be moved by your words. Feel free to drag in things from your "walking knowledge" or what you are learning in your classes. It is amazing how much of this information can be used as an AGD.

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